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Integrated campaign


Time flies when you have a good sleep.


For girls who put up with uncomfortable night pads on their period, the night feels never-ending. 

So we reframe Kotex night pads - the most comfortable night pads in the market - as launchpads that take you straight through the night into a good morning. 

At first, we wanted do the shortest TV spot ever to prove the point. Then the client said they had already agreed on a 20-second. So that's what we did. We all have bills to pay.

Online Film



An immersive multi-sensory experience where we bring to life the feeling of sleeping through the night.


Agency: Ogilvy Vietnam

Executive Creative Director: Thuy Nguyen

Senior Copywriter: An Trinh

Art Director: Wang Le

Group Account Director: Henry Murphy Wee

Strategic Director: Andrew Copley

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